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What is the best time to clean my windows?

Anytime throughout the year is a good time to maintain the presence of your glass!

Can i get my windows cleaned in the winter?

Absolutely! We enjoy being out in the winter wonderland getting your windows sparkling for the holiday season!

Do I have to have bulky ladders inside my home? 

No. We have extension poles that we have in our hands and will not touch your nice flooring or belongings!

How much does it cost?

Cost depends on how much glass you have and also complexity of the job!

What happens if it rains?

Don't worry! its not the rain that makes your windows dirty. Remember, its the wind and dirt blowing around.

How long will my glass maintenance clean last?

Generally 6 months or roughly 2 seasons!

My sprinklers are staining my glass. Is this a problem?

Yes, this is a definite problem if you plan to keep your glass looking pristine and beautiful. We have the tools and or chemical treatments to safely remove any staining or oxidization on your glass!

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