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Barb & Tony Hampson


It has been over 20 years when my parents (pictured here) started a company. They borrowed a truck, had one bucket, one squeegee, and one scrubber. They showed what happens when you mix a vision with quality and personable interaction with all customers at all times. Fast forward to today and you will see thousands of happy customers and a company that just seems to always shine bright! Tony and Barb Hampson, our parents have laid the very foundation of what every company should have and that is personable, quality, and passion!

They have pioneered this industry and what it means to go above and beyond in this type of service industry. From smaller residential accounts all the way to some of the larger buildings in our communities in the region, they've always innovated this business and found ways to serve in a multitude of capacities year after year!


Now they have turned the key over to us, and enjoy being grandparents and traveling. They are always around to give us advice and a steady guiding hand and heart as all great parents do. So, because there will never be enough words to describe what they have done for us and this path they have started and passed on. All we will continue to do here in this company is pay it forward and serve you all exactly like these two did. With a smile and a warm heart, with quality, passion, and resilience each and every job!


Tony and Barb Hampson

Founders of A&B Window Cleaning LLC 

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