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AJ Hampson



My name is AJ Hampson, proud owner of A&B Window Cleaning LLC!

I am very grateful for my mentorship under the hardest working people I will ever know, my parents. As an owner of this company, I only strive to create value for my employees and of course you all, my dear customers! I have been in this profession for over 2 decades now. I just absolutely love serving the Tri-State region! 

In my United States Air Force days and as a veteran of the US Military, it enhanced my leadership in a multitude of avenues! Attention to detail and a relentless drive to be the best around is what fuels my ambitions to serve this region!

I've been married with my beautiful wife Tami for 15 years. We live in south Fargo with our three spunky Pomeranians. We enjoy fitness, cooking, and any adventure possible in this wonderful life. She has been a dental hygienist for 16 years. Our mission as a married couple is to stay passionate and loving in all we do. This is something we love to live for.

I want your experience with me as the owner to be a special one. I am very hands on in all of our projects, but I also love seeing the people we have hired put that extra special touch on what we can do for you! Expect anyone from this company to treat you with absolute respect and to serve you with passion! The very foundation of what we do!

I am excited to present this company and what it stands for. The best or nothing. 

God Bless!

AJ Hampson

Owner of A&B Window Cleaning LLC

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